What do fresh horseradish and Properoni have in common?

What do fresh horseradish and Properoni have in common?

One has wrinkles and bumps, while the visual cues of the other are altogether more appetising. One slices easily, the other less so. Horseradish requires a little caution when adding to your dishes, while Properoni you can add and eat until your heart’s content.

The commonality is in their roots!

Hungarian roots that is.

Estom Ltd began importing the best of produce and ingredients from Hungary over 90 years ago, working with the most iconic producers and trusted food brands and retailers here in the UK.

Starting with Hungarian tomato puree to Heinz in the 1930s, today, Estom are proven partners for many leading UK brands. From PizzaExpress, to whom we supply the famous pepperoni that sits on the iconic American and American Hot pizzas and have done so almost since their founding, to Barfoots of Botley, who we supply fresh horseradish to, which they in turn ready for Waitrose

As an importer and distributor of specialist food products to the foodservice, wholesale, retail and manufacturing sectors, Estom has been proudly supplying British blue chip food companies with the finest products from the leading growers, producers and processors in Hungary.

Properoni is the perfect example. Made from the finest cuts of meat in an award winning production facility in Gyula, Hungary, with expertise and skills honed over 150 years. With a remarkable taste and a wonderful smoky aroma, UK consumers are now benefiting from centuries old traditions, yet catering to their 21st century palate. 

Properoni is available ready sliced or in uncut pairs and is considered by experts, chefs and early adopting customers to be the very best. It is free of nitrites, nitrates, additives, preservatives, artificial flavours, colouring and allergens. So Properoni has even more in common with our fresh horseradish than one might think.

For more information on Estom and the esteemed reputation we’ve established for an unwavering commitment to quality, along with category expertise in the importing and marketing of speciality food products to the satisfaction of top UK brands and consumers, email tom@estom.co.uk.
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