• The perfect pepperoni for pizza and a perfect alternative to chorizo
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Properly delicious Risotto

Properly topped Pizza

We're on a mission to rid the World of mediocre Pepperoni

Its a travesty, bordering on an offence, definitely a disappointment!

You know that feeling of dismay when you meet face to face with a tasteless topping masquerading as pepperoni...well enough is enough.

The people at Properoni are on a mission to ensure you get the taste and quality from pepperoni you rightly expect and deserve...a mission to rid the world of mediocre pepperoni!!




Internationally Award Winning

find out about our journey here

"“If you like Pepperoni you should really give some @properoni_uk a try. It has an incredible flavour which is miles better than your normal supermarket varieties"


"They say that their mission is to 'rid the world of mediocre pepperoni'... I reckon it’s mission accomplished. So, so good."


"Both of these taste amazing and that paprika one has got a proper kick to it"


"...have to say hands down for me its the best tasting pepperoni I've ever tasted! INCREDIBLE"


"Totally free of nitrates, preservatives, flavourings, colouring etc and it tasted awesome. Nice smokey flavour with a good chilli kick to it"


Properoni Tips & Tricks

Properoni is the best pepperoni for pizza, but it also fits perfectly with so many other dishes. That rich smoky depth of flavour and melt in the mouth texture blends so well into any dish.

For tips and tricks on how to use your Properoni check out some of our recipes below.