Properoni is pepperoni made properly – chefs and fans attest to it being the very best pepperoni. It is a traditionally produced, beechwood smoked and naturally fermented cured sausage that is so much more than a pizza topping, it elevates any dish. See our reviews and socials for social proof.

Properoni is made using a 150 year old award winning recipe and a time honoured and expertly crafted production process which sets it apart. There are two flavour profiles ‘Original’ which is mild and ‘Hot Paprika’ which has a little kick to it. The Original has 156[TBC] grams of premium pork meat per 100gram of finished product, the Hot Paprika has 147 grams per 100g of finished product. [list recipes]

Free from preservatives, nitrates, nitrites, chemicals, artificial colouring, smoke flavouring and additives.

Properoni is made in Hungary at the oldest and most renowned factory.  In fact, the site is the foremost producer of smoked and cured meats, dating back to 1868, with over 150 years of authentic and traditional production methods.

When purchasing Properoni always check our website for our up to date expiry date. When you receive your order the back of the Properoni pack details the expiry date.

Properoni should be kept in the fridge and once opened eat within 10 days.

Whilst Properoni can be frozen if absolutely necessary, for the most optimal taste and condition, we would advise not to freeze Properoni.  There is no food safety issue with freezing the product, but the meat microfibres and spices do alter when frozen, best enjoyed chilled.

Individual packs are available at £3.50 per 80g sliced tray to allow for trialling the exceptional taste and flavour of Properoni, or £5.25 per 180g paired product. Regrettably we have to add a little something for shipping as Royal Mail do not deliver for free. However, our bundles do include shipping and being multi-product packs provide economies of scale.

If you are unhappy for any reasons, please reach out to us. Due to the nature of the product, we do not take returns but will look to find an optimal solution.

Properoni is extremely robust, it is carefully and slowly air dried to a water content below 30 per cent., which assures food safety and stops food pathogens causing any harm. Our sliced product is shipped in insulated envelopes with ice packs to maintain the cool chain. Once opened, keep refrigerated (between 0ºC and 5ºC) and use within 10 days.

Our whole pairs are ambient and therefore don’t require chilling until received. Once opened, keep refrigerated (between 0ºC and 5ºC) and use within 10 days.

An unopened pack of Properoni 80g sliced tray is enough for 3-4 pizzas depending on how generous you are.  If you open the pack and can't resist snacking that will reduce the number of pizzas you can make.

With the 180g pairs, you can be as generous with the slice thickness.

Yes! Whilst Properoni works perfectly on a pizza, the versatility and quality elevates any dish, for example pasta dishes, stews, risottos, salads, sandwiches and more. Properoni does not need to be cooked, it can be enjoyed straight out of the pack as a snack or served on a charcuterie board.

Properoni is for anyone passionate about food being made properly, a no nonsense approach to bring best in class quality. Experimental foodies, home pizza makers, keto diets, BBQ fans, anyone who is interested in better made, superior tasting, clean labels, Properoni delivers an unrivalled taste and flavour profile.

Our crumbled product is the same delicious Properoni with the same meat content and sumptuous flavour, but crumbled for your convenience, enabling you to add Properoni with ease to all manner of dishes.

If your personal preference is for larger slices, to get a greater hit of the same superb taste of Properoni, our new Sliced XL is oversized and now available over here. We’re not overconfident. You’ll love it!

At Properoni we make pepperoni properly, so that it’s as great to eat straight out of the pack as it is when cooked. No-one wants thick slabs of pepperoni that don’t crisp as they cook, but then again, too thin can be equally disappointing. As total customer satisfaction is our goal, we aim for between 0.1 to 0.25 inches. That’s how particular we are in hitting the mouth-watering sweet spot in delivering Properoni’s sumptuous, savoury, smoky flavour for a whole host of dishes.