A bright star in a bland commoditised market

A bright star in a bland commoditised market

There’s something about turning around a commoditised product into a sought after brand that gets the brand builder in me excited. Pepperoni is a market like no other. Beyond margherita it’s the preferred pizza topping across the UK. Yet much of which is available don’t taste great, it’s texture is often off-putting and cooking with it doesn’t give you a sense of eager anticipation from an appetising aroma or thereafter an appreciation of a satisfying dish. And you certainly wouldn’t add it to any other dish.

With largely bland and boring varieties available, many of which are own-brands, the pepperoni category has been left languishing at the foot of the taste and quality league tables.

So when Estom launched Properoni, a high quality, naturally fermented pepperoni, free from nitrites, preservatives or additives and derived from the high quality, award winning Hungarian Gyula sausage, many feared they were biting off more than they could chew.

However, reassured by the fact that Estom have now been successfully supplying the UK's leading restaurant chains for over 50 years, they have built on that inherent quality and provenance by launching the first truly premium, contemporary pepperoni brand.

And so what has arrived on the market is a delicious tasting, versatile ingredient for any dish. The company has seen genuine excitement as this truly differentiated brand has come to market. And the response has been overwhelmingly positive, inspiring many to cook more with Properoni®.

It’s quality is already ensuring relationships are being built with chefs up and down the country and foodies are increasingly becoming early adopters and increasingly vocal advocates.

If you’re already cooking and eating Properoni® we’d love you to share your experiences. If you’ve not yet experienced the indulgent smokiness and wholehearted flavour, either sliced Properoni and/or uncut pairs can be ordered directly from our website here
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