Move over chorizo. Properoni is the new kid on the charcuterie block

Move over chorizo. Properoni is the new kid on the charcuterie block

Although you may only have heard of Properoni recently, our product was actually born over 150 years ago in the town of Gyula in Hungary. Heir to a rich culinary dynasty, Properoni uses the same time-honoured, natural curing and fermenting methods that were created, back in 1868, building on the means of smoking and curing used in Roman times.

In fact, you may have unknowingly been enjoying our super versatile and fabulous tasting pepperoni for many years. We’ve supplied many of the UK’s top restaurants and famous pizzerias with pepperoni for over 50 years (including Pizza Express) and our products grace over 12,000,000 pizzas every year in the UK alone.

Perhaps that’s why, in 2021, pepperoni was named ‘Britain’s favourite pizza topping!’

Truly unique in taste, down to its slow smoking over beechwood, curing and air drying, Properoni is far less oily and salty than inferior pepperonis. Properoni retains the integrity of the finest cuts of meat from which it’s made, with the lowest water content in its class and its free from any artificial colours, flavours or additives too.

Elevating all manner of dishes, from pasta to risottos, casseroles, soups and charcuterie boards, Properoni is the perfect pepperoni.

It's the flavour I've been looking for all these years. I've tried all the deli counters across over the last 20 years or so, and nothing has come close." So said one recently satisfied customer.

Currently available exclusively from, the authenticity and quality of Properoni continue to win fans amongst foodies, pizza makers and chefs alike.

So, when it comes to a choice between chorizo and Properoni, we’re sure you’ll agree, Properoni is streets ahead.
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