Properoni was born over 150 years ago in the town of Gyula in Hungary

150 YEARS of doing things properly

While we might be the new kid on the flavour block for some, PROPERONI has been waltzing through the culinary history books for a whopping 150 years.

Originating from the picturesque town of Gyula, Hungary and proud heir to a globally celebrated culinary legacy, PROPERONI takes its cues from the ancient art of natural curing and fermenting, a tasty symphony that has been used to create the best tasting pepperoni since in 1868.

Our product's international debut was a grand performance at the 1910 World's Fair and we've been winning awards ever since. So, while we may have a few grey hairs in the flavour game, we're still kicking and winning, one tasty step at a time.

The distinctive, award-winning flavour of our products is a result of slow smoking over beechwood, patient curing, and air drying. No shortcuts here – we steer clear of additives or starter cultures looking to rush the ripening process. It's all about the art of patience and doing things naturally using ancient Roman techniques. This commitment to 'doing things properly' is the beating heart of our brand.

Our products adhere to the highest quality and safety standards. Boasting a short ingredients list you can actually pronounce, PROPERONI products proudly wave the banner of being strictly free from preservatives, nitrites, and any sneaky additives. Because when it comes to flavour, we believe in doing it right, not cutting corners.


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