About us



Made in the town Gyula, Hungary at the oldest and most renowned factory, Properoni® is BRC Grade A accredited and conforms to the highest quality and food safety standards.Properoni® is a completely unique, traditionally smoked and cured sausage, which has been winning international awards for over 150 years, dating back to 1868.

We take pride in Properoni® being free of preservatives, nitrites, nitrates, additives and chemicals. In fact, it goes one step further, it is naturally fermented, without the use of starter culture to speed up production.

A versatile dish, Properoni® can be used in pasta, stews, risottos, salads, sandwiches and more. 

What is Proper about Properoni®?

Properly made… time honoured production methods, expert craftsmanship, superior ingredients, no nasties, no shortcuts,
Properly loved… enduring appeal with the nation’s leading pizza restaurant chain and of course by our wonderful customers highlighted in our testimonials
Properly authentic… 150 years of history... smoking and curing with the same timeless methods as used since Roman times
Properly better… awards and accolades with leading chefs uniting in acknowledging the supreme taste and flavour profile of Properoni®

Our mission is to rid the world of mediocre pepperoni, here’s to doing it properly!!!