Breaking the mould - Properoni is the first premium pepperoni brand to enter the UK market

Properoni- pepperoni made properly -soup recipe


Pepperoni has become such a feature of our lives, that as so often happens, familiarity breeds contempt, with little regard for the quality of care.

When a food product becomes commoditised there’s often a laissez-faire approach to getting product on supermarket shelves. A customer will only buy it once before a bad experience queers your pitch. A retailer will not stock it for long thereafter and before you know it you’re delisted and scrambling around to find an outlet for the fruits of your labour and keeping your staff employed.

So when incidents as has happened in the US recently, where large quantities of product are pulled from the shelves for fear of contamination, after a large supplier notified the U.S. Food Safety & Inspection Service, sadly we are not so surprised. Happily, there have been no illnesses resulting.

At Properoni® we’ve broken the mould. We’ve never regarded pepperoni as a commodity. For over 150 years we’ve traditionally smoked the finest cuts of meat and similarly today we naturally cure Properoni® over beechwood to bring to the market an indulgent smokiness and a remarkable flavour to all your recipes.

For pizza lovers, Properoni® is a must-have, and with no nasties, (it’s completely free of nitrites, preservatives and additives), its versatility will transform any dish.

In short, Properoni® is pepperoni made properly.
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