One million people already enjoy our pepperoni every month

One million people already enjoy our pepperoni every month

Pepperoni is Britain’s favourite pizza topping and our company is the leading supplier of top quality pepperoni to the UK’s finest restaurants and pizzerias (including Pizza Express, Franco Manca, Zizzi, Pizza Pilgrims).

In fact, in terms of the numbers of outlets we supply, we’ve worked out that our fantastic quality pepperoni has graced over 12,000,000 pizzas in the UK over the last year… or 1,000,000 pizzas every month!

With so many people enjoying our pepperoni, we thought it was time to allow them to buy our product for themselves, to enjoy at home, on home-made pizzas and a wealth of other dishes.

And so Properoni – pepperoni made properly – was born.

Available now exclusively from, Properoni is a completely delicious traditionally smoked and cured pepperoni sausage, conforming to the highest quality and food safety standards. Made from the finest cuts of premium pork and spices, but strictly free from all preservatives, nitrites, nitrates, additives, and chemicals.

Properoni is made in Gyula in Hungary. Heir to a world renowned and rich culinary dynasty, Properoni is made using time-honoured, natural curing and fermenting methods first created back in 1868, and which have been winning international awards ever since.

Pepperoni is our passion, our life’s work and Properoni is now our proudest creation. So, you can be assured that we make it the best it can possibly be.

And, if you don’t believe us, ask one of our 12,000,000 satisfied customers!

Properoni, pepperoni made properly.
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