Not only professionals want to get their hands on Properoni

Not only professionals want to get their hands on Properoni

It’s been quite a fortnight at Properoni® HQ.

First we are recognised at the prestigious The Grocer awards being ‘Highly Commended’ - not bad for a brand launch and who is just 14 months young! Then our product is used by the 16 finalists at the National Pizza Awards, with comments abound about our flavour profile, our texture, the reassuring cookability of the product, as well as the appealing naturally smoked aroma and delicious taste.

So we walked away with praise ringing in our ears, as we eased our way into preparing some superb Black Friday week offers. Both loyalists and newbies alike, have been taking advantage of the great deals available and longer shelf life, (for their own use and gifting), on our original and hot paprika flavours, in sliced and uncut variants, as they extend their Properoni® cooking repertoire beyond pizza and pasta.

Made ‘properly’ since 1868 in the town of Gyula, South East Hungary, at the most renowned factory, famed for its traditional, time honoured production methods and an unwavering commitment to quality. Properoni® is BRC  accredited and conforms to the highest quality and food safety standards.

It’s pepperoni made properly and has been for over 150 years.

Yet, Properoni® is forever young and is finding many new fans.

There are no shortcuts in its production. With expert butchery, superior ingredients and not least the fact that it is naturally fermented, authentically smoked and cured over beechwood to retain the integrity of the meat throughout. So there are no nasties either. It is completely free of nitrites, nitrates, additives, preservatives, artificial flavours, colouring, allergens and it’s gluten free too!

Properoni® brings premium quality to a category previously dominated by low quality, commoditised and often bland offerings.

In short, Properoni® is worlds apart.

We’re leading the way in ridding the world of mediocre pepperoni and we’re transforming the segment, giving more consumers the opportunity to taste the very best. Follow us on our Social Media to join us on the journey.

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