Properoni At The European Pizza & Pasta Show

Properoni At The European Pizza & Pasta Show

At Properoni HQ we’re pushing forward on many fronts at present, steadily growing awareness, as we’ve rolled-out Properoni in sliced and uncut pairs and in Original and Hot Paprika variants.

We’re continuing to invest in the Properoni brand to be a category champion, to drive innovation and premiumisation within the category. In fact we think we’re creating a category of unrivalled, quality and taste, in a sea of largely lower quality, own brand offerings.

Building on our heritage of over 150 years of the tradition and craft of beechwood smoking and authentically curing the famous Gyula sausage, Properoni is head and shoulders above any other pepperoni, chorizo or charcuterie board sausage in adding style, substance and sensational flavours to all manner of dishes.

The premium packaging presents incredibly well, standing out from the shelves to drive trial and the outstanding organoleptic qualities drive strong repeat purchase rates.

And we’ve kept our foot on the gas, innovating too.

Next month alone we launch both a larger diameter sliced, Properoni XL, plus our Properoni Crumble which will extend the Properoni portfolio of our discerning and loyal customers. It will reach out to a whole new customer base as well, giving them opportunity and reason to experience and experiment with Properoni's more appetising and satisfying taste in all sorts of ways. 

So while many will recognise the moreish taste from the PizzaExpress American and American Hot pizzas where we’ve supplied the pepperoni for over 50 years, Properoni is not just for pizza. And more and more people are coming to that realisation. It’s versatility knows no bounds. It’s properly delicious in pasta, roasts, risottos and so much more. 

Properoni may start as an adornment to such dishes but quickly becomes the hero without overwhelming the heart of the dish, but adds a unique taste sensation, texture and aroma which is tantalisingly good. 

So in recognition of this and that more Properoni is being used more quickly, next month we’ll also launch our generous Properoni 1kg Party Packs in each format.


As you’ll see in the video here, filmed at the recent European Pizza and Pasta Show, where restaurants, delis, potential partners and the trade as a whole are all ‘Talking Properoni’, they’re equally excited as us about how Properoni can not just lead the category but create one of higher quality, traditionally made, superior tasting pepperoni and a mouth-watering experience every time. 

One restauranteur and deli owner captured this particularly well, “Add it to a carbonara and you don't need to add anything else! If we have it in the deli, guaranteed someone’s going to pick it up.”

So if you want to pick it up too, it’s available on our website at

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