Properoni WINS Grocer New Product Award

Properoni WINS Grocer New Product Award

We're delighted to announce that our delicious hot Uncut Paprika Pairs have won  the highly prestigious Grocer New Product Award 2022! 

The Judges said:

A Great Tasting Sausage with Lovely High Quality Meat” 

"A great-tasting sausage that was “unapologetically spicy”, these Properoni Hot Paprika Uncut Pairs incorporated a“lovely” high-quality meat with spices to create a versatile product, said our judges. With owner Estom (that's us!) supplying its pepperoni unbranded to the hospitality sector for decades (it has sat atop Pizza Express pizzas for years), this represents a bold step into the branded space.

"The product would make a fantastic addition to delis in upmarket retailers, said our judges, with the quality of ingredients and packaging lending it a premium look and feel that will appeal to plenty of foodie consumers.

"The uncut pairs have a “lovely kick” to their flavour, added another judge, that could elevate home cooking and be used across an array of different dishes."

Right now (November 2022) you can get three pack of our award winning Uncut Paprika Pairs for just £13.50 with free postage and packing too. 

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