Properoni Chorizo

New Packs and a New Name

There’s lots going on at Properoni.

Our New Packs

First, you may notice we’ve changed our packs, simplifying our designs, and bringing more attention to what makes Properoni so special – our classic recipe, clean ingredient list, and traditional beechwood smoking. Many of the finest foods, like breads, cheeses and wines are fermented, and when this is done properly, it results in a better tasting product. Properoni conforms to the gold standard in natural fermentation which results in the incredible taste and

flavour profile, enjoyed by so many fans. Our feedback and reviews are of course a testament to that.

And a Name Change

You’ll also notice, as well as changing our pack designs, that we’ve changed the name of our Uncut Properoni Pairs to Properoni Chorizo.

But don’t worry! It’s still exactly the same delicious product, we simply found – following extensive market research – that many customers didn’t appreciate what this product actually was and how Properoni unsliced, should be used.

Chorizo, on the other hand is a widely understood term and adopted in all manner of dishes, not just pizza.

So, by changing the name of our product we simply hope to encourage more consumers to discover the versatility of Properoni in an unsliced format. 

Chorizo is in essence a dried, cured sausage which can be smoked and Properoni is, as we know, the ultimate smoked cured sausage!

Although it’s true that ‘Chorizo’ implies a Spanish origin (while Pepperoni implies Italian) both products are of course

proudly made in Hungary, home to the finest smoked and cured meats for 150 years. Using only the very best of European pork and a traditional smoking and curing method created in Roman times.  

 So, it’s still the same delicious taste for our gold standard uncut smoked sausage, just a different name.

And more customers can now taste the difference with Properoni.

You can purchase Properoni Chorizo now.

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