The Ultimate Surf & Turf - Cod & Properoni Bean Stew

The Ultimate Surf & Turf - Cod & Properoni Bean Stew

We all know Properoni WOWs a pizza, as it's pepperoni made properly, but few have taken the opportunity to taste its indulgent smoky flavour across other dishes. Well, one highly regarded foodie, blogger and Properoni fan @mellsnosh has done just that and it’s a beauty to behold. Despite being a stew, this light yet warming dish dances on the tastebuds..

Cod & Properoni Bean Stew recipe: 


Celery stick
Ground cumin
Smoked paprika
Dried oregano
Butter beans
Chopped toms
Properoni uncut pairs (choose Original or Hot Paprika according to your taste) 
Fresh parsley


➡️Finely chop the onion and celery then fry for a few mins
➡️Slice the pepperoni and add to the dish, frying until golden and oil is released
➡️Add the garlic, seasoning, smoked paprika, oregano and cumin then mix and fry for a few mins
➡️Add the chopped toms, butter beans and one cans worth of water then bring to the boil
➡️Place the fish into the sauce and poach for 6-9 mins until the fish is flaking and cooked through
➡️Plate up and finish with fresh parsley

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