Properoni mixed case, 'Original' 8 x 80g and 'Hot Paprika' 8 x 80g

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Made with just six ingredients you can recognise, Properoni is nitrite, preservative and additive free with nothing artificial. Just pure flavour unlike any pepperoni you have had before.

Each mixed case (shelf dispenser) contains 8 units of 'Original' Properoni in 80g trays; and 8 units of 'Hot Paprika'

Properoni 'Original' 8 x 80g - ingredients:  Pork Meat, Pork Fat, Salt, Paprika Powder, Spices, Saccharose. 100g of Properoni 'Original' is made from 162g Pork Meat of EU Origin.


Properoni 'Hot Paprika' 8 x 80g - ingredients: Pork Meat, Pork Fat, Salt, Hot Paprika Powder, Chilli, Spices, Saccharose.  100g of Properoni 'Hot Paprika' is made from 147g Pork Meat of EU Origin. 

When ordering full cartons of 16 units, price per tray (delivered, UK destination serviced by Royal Mail), is £2.04 per tray of 80g; and £32.64 per carton 16 units.

Suggested Retail Price: £2.99 per tray of 80g.

Shipped with ice packs to maintain cool chain.  

Keep chilled.

Use within 10 days of opening a pack.