It’s incredible! I didn’t even know pepperoni was supposed to taste like that, so so nice to eat on its own normally. I CANNOT wait to try it on a pizza. Feel like I’ve been robbed all these years of eating poor stuff  James Cooper

It’s amazing!! Delicious perfect rounded meatiness & smokiness!! - Chef Brad Carter, Chef/Owner of Michelin Starred @cartersofmoseley

No joke when I say this, prob the best pepperoni I've ever tasted - @belfastpizzablogger

I think you are very much succeeding in ridding the world of poor pepperoni! Your product is fantastic and we will definitely be ordering more! - Stephen Fewster

I have been using Gyula sausage [aka Properoni] since 1992 when I first joined PizzaExpress in London. I brought it to Ireland when I came over in 1995 to open Milano restaurants for P.E. & have used it in my own restaurants since 2004. It’s the best quality ‘peperoni’ on the market for pizza making & I want to ensure that I can continue using it - Russell Bailey, former PizzaExpress manager

Your properoni is ‘the shit’ if you’ll excuse my language. The perfect pepperoni for our homemade pizzas. Next order already in - Paul McCambridge


If you like Pepperoni you should really give some @properoni_uk a try. It has an incredible flavour which is miles better than your normal supermarket varieties 🍕🍕🍕 - @drews.pizzeria

The guys at @properoni_uk sent me some samples of their pepperoni this week. They say that their mission is to “rid the world of mediocre pepperoni.” I reckon it’s mission accomplished. So, so good 🤤 - @oliya_pizza

I’ll be using Properoni in my next cook later this week. My wife loved the paprika version so much after we had it with our lunch she ate the rest the next day whilst I was out at work - @tonelewis_bbq

The pepperoni was so good guys! I’m used to using bigger slices but the way these little fellas cooked and went crispy round the edge just have the pizza something else that I didn’t know it needed!! - @stretch_pizza

 We have a pizza every Monday and have been using Gyula exclusively for at least the last thirty years on our pizza. Nothing tastes as good! - Steven J Cohen


Thank you to the lovely ones at @properoni_uk for sending me some meaty treats. Absolutely delish! I know it's difficult to put your paws on decent pepperoni in the supermarkets. You can buy this online and have his shipped to your door/ pizza oven.  Lovely stuff! It's so hard for home pizza makers to get their hands on good pepperoni. And this is great stuff! - @twocentspizza


Absolutely LOVE your product! Really really tasty and couldn’t believe how much is in each packet! Really super indeed!! - @bagtobowl

Hard to come across good quality pepperoni in the UK so was pretty excited when I stumbled across Properoni - Wilson

The cost is higher than other pepperoni I have used, but I understand it is a quality product. And I will always pay for quality to a degree - Ben Jones

Love the Pepperoni! The Smoky hot is amazing - Chris Morton

I have owned a wood fired pizza for a few years and I was getting a little fed up with only being able to source cheap, poor quality pepperoni. When I found your company, I thought I would give it a go as this is the kind of high-quality pepperoni I have been looking for! - Daniel Copley

I had been looking for a quality pepperoni for a while all the high-quality tasing ones I've had didn't have the right texture of hold that you want whereas the supermarket ones tasted Rubbish, so looking forward to trying your product and will be happy to pass on any feedback - Phillip Branch, Group Chef, Hawksmoor

Properoni is succulent, tasty, with a fresh consistency, truly delicious and a return to what pepperoni used to be at its best - Desmond Tillyer

Loved the packaging and loved the product. So much so, both packs of properoni disappeared within a day of being opened… I’ll be ordering more in the next couple of weeks. Great social media posts of other customers enjoying it too - Conor Smyth

Very impressed with the quality and taste of Properoni, the packaging is very good and very professional. Happy with sell-through, as it isn't always easy to introduce new brands - Maurice Chaplais, of Maison Chaplais in Cheltenham